About Me

Passionate about helping people and business grow through the use of technology!

Technology advances should help us advance, however more often than not it hinders our advancement. My curious and ambitious attitude pushes me to breach the very limits of what technology can do for us. I love tackling the hard to solve problems and making people and business more efficient, more advanced.

Skills & abilities

Azure Cloud
SQL / SQL Server
API Development RESTful / SOAP
Android - iOS - Windows Phone
Social Media Management
Advertising - Google Adwords Professional

My Specialities

Web Sites

Portfolio, Lead Generation, Landing and Promotional pages. Beautiful Web Design.

Web Systems - SaaS & Enterprise

Enterprise and Software as a Service web systems.

Mobile Applications

Android - iOS - Windows Phone Application Development.

Project Planning and Management

Experienced in getting multiple project types from start to finish.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat.

Advertising Strategy and Execution

Executing Advertisement campaign strategies, the proof in in the conversions.

Consumer and Business IT Solutions

Assisting in the procurement and setup of technologies ranging from simple wifi newtorks to corporate technology outfitting.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Real-Estate
  • Investment
  • Reading
  • Business
  • Teaching

My Career

Jan 2016 - Present Principle Developer / Team Lead - RE/MAX Select Realty Developed the Current technology stack. Multi-purpose Website system housing 250+ websites ranging form Agent, Office, Local Lead generation sites, backend portal for customization of sites, RETS based MLS system
July 2018 Google Adwords Professional Certified in Google Adwords to execute on an Advertising strategy that best fits the business needs.
Jan 2014 - Jan 2016 ASP.NET MVC Certification ASP.NET Certification Microsoft
April 2014 - July 2014 Software Developer - NCompass Business Solutions Developed various software pieces for buisness partners in the mortgage and lending industry
Sept 2014 Software Development Fundamentals Microsoft Software Development Fundamentals MTA Certification
July 2014 SQL & Database Fundamentals Microsoft SQL/ Database Fundamentals MTA Certification

What can I help you with?